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Madhya Pradesh’s one of the largest parks, Kanha National Park is both a Tiger Reserve and national park located between Balaghat and Mandla districts. Hallon and Banjarwere the two sanctuaries of Kanha area. Kanha Kisli was divided between them in the 1930s. Stretches around 250 to 300 sq. km, Kanha Park was established in June 1, 1955. It spreads around 940 sq. km. today among these two districts.

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Kanha Tour Packages

Kanha National Park is a vast national park covering around half of forest area in India. It is spread over 2051 sq. km and is located in Balaghat and Mandla districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated in the Maikal ranges of Satpura hills.

If you are an adventure junkie who loves to explore the jungles, MP Tour Packages is the right place. We can help you on a great adventure trip to Kanha National Park by offering you a fully customized Kanha safari package. From booking, accommodation, safari, to everything you need in between, we can make best arrangements.

Book Kanha Tour Packages at Reasonable Prices

Hard Ground Barasingha, the state animal and specialty of Kanha National Park, is found in a large density in Kanha Tiger Reserve. This species was almost extinct from the world. It was the sheer effort of the forest department which has brought their population to over 500 barasinghas. Kanha National Park is blessed with around 100 tigers, 80 sloth bears, 145 leopards, 43 mammal species, 300 bird species, 500 insect species, and 26 reptile species.

Kanha Jungle Safari Zones
There are 8 tourism zones in Kanha National Park. The buffer zone consists of Khapa, Khatia, Phen and Sijora, and the core zone has Kanha, Kisli, Sarhi, and Mukki zones. Mukki and Khatia are two gates for jungle safari. Khatia gate has flexibility to choose other core areas in each shift.

Night Stay in Kanha
There is no such facility in core areas of Kanha National Park. There are only a few small guest houses at the entry gate and you can book them from the department office.
Both Khatia and Mukki gates have private hotels. Kanha National Park opens from October 1 to June 30 and remains closed in July, August and September. On Wednesday, evening safari is not available. In addition, the park also remains closed on the occasion of Holi in March.

Types of Safari
There are basically three categories of jungle safari in Kanha –

Normal Safari – There are 6-seater Jeeps available in Kanha for jungle safari and only 2 canters (an open bus with 20 seats). The canter and jeep safaris are available in two shifts only. Kanha morning safari is usually longer and lasts till 11 AM, while Kanha evening safari is shorter and fewer jeeps are permitted.

Note – Jeeps are mainly booked on an exclusive basis in Kanha National Park. You can also book jeep safari on an individual seat basis. You have to go to the entry gate because jeeps won’t pick you up at the hotel. In case of individual passengers, if there are fewer than 6 passengers, the rest of the passengers will contribute the total cost of the safari.

Tatkal Safaris – These safaris can be booked in premium zones. There is no specific number of jeeps available in this category. In this quota, you can book only those jeeps which were cancelled. The tatkal quota opens at 5 PM for the next morning and afternoon. Keep in mind that the cost is a bit higher than advance booking or normal quota jeeps.

Premium Safaris – There is no concept of half-day safari in Kanha. The national park offers only full-day safaris in the premium category. You can explore all zones in this category but it is a bit costly. You also need to contact the Field Director for special permission.

Kanha Jungle Safari Online Booking
Jeep safari in Kanha is available from October 16 to June 30. The park remains closed for tourists during monsoons.

Winter Safari (October to January) –
Morning – 6:15AM to 12:15PM
Evening – 2:30PM to 5:30PM

Summer (February to June) –
Morning – 6:00AM to 12 noon
Evening – 3:30PM to 6:30PM

Safari Booking Process

Safari Booking
You can book normal safari through https://forest.mponline.gov.in/. Select “Kanha Tiger Reserve” under the Tiger Reserves section. Select your date and choose from Individual and Group booking. Login and fill details like Name, Age, Gender, Photo ID, Nationality etc. Indian citizens can submit Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID or other documents. Foreigners can enter details related to their country and passport. You can just secure your seats with online safari booking. You have to fulfill other formalities on the day of safari.

Tickets/permit includes only Entry fee and Vehicle entry fee. You have to pay vehicle fare and a guide fee extra on the day of safari. When it comes to making online booking, you need to select zones. Keep in mind that you cannot change zones once selected. To change the zone, you will need to rebook the permit and the amount of previous booking will not be refunded. This is the only site to book all types of safaris.

Boarding Pass
You will need a boarding pass after booking safari. Go to the Central Booking office at least a few hours before safari. Show your original ID and safari voucher. The boarding pass you will get has the name of the guide allotted and the vehicle's license number. You cannot enter the park without a boarding pass. Be sure to carry the same ID proof which you have given during booking. Sometimes, ID proof is checked at the time of entry.

Booking Quota
You can choose from three quotas to book safari –
Advance Quota – Safari booking is available at least 120 days before visit. This quota has around 90% of permits/tickets.

Waitlisted quota – If all jeeps are showing full in any zone on the official website, you can book a few other tickets. In this quota, ticket status is displayed after making payment. Keep in mind that confirmation of these tickets is subject to cancellation of other tickets. It can be done at least 5 days before visit. If your seat is confirmed, you will be notified through SMS. You will get your money back in case of rejection.

Current quota – You can avail 90% of permits/tickets in advance through the website. Rest of 10% of tickets is reserved for this quota. It opens at the booking center 1 hour before each shift of safari.

Why MP Tour Packages?
From booking safaris to arrangements of safari jeeps and boarding passes, all your stress and hassles are on us. We will also arrange the guides as per the forest department’s guidelines and assist you during the stay. We can hire professional drivers and knowledgeable guides for you and choose the right zones to improve the chances of tiger sightings. We can also provide transport facilities from Nagpur, Jabalpur, Pench, or Bandhavgarh national parks.


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